​5 Funky Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

​5 Funky Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas

18th May 2021

5 funky kitchen wall décor ideas

If till now, you were under the impression that kitchen walls are solely for cupboards, we are here to

change your viewpoint. Funky kitchen walls can grant the freedom to express one’s character and style.

We have selected for you some alternative wall décor ideas to be inspired. Check them out.

Porcelain plates

Plates that deviate in size, colour, and pattern are the most fashionable trend your kitchen could entail.

They are funky and suggest a folklore vibe to the overall look. Different patterns are preferable since

they introduce the idea of diversity and formulate an impressive result. You can produce different

shapes with the plates and even give them an abstract and flowing form.

Kitchen wall decor ideas


If your house decor has a boho sense, or the colour palette revolves around natural hues, the basket

wall décor design is ideal. Similar to the plates, the circular form of the baskets generates flowing energy

within the kitchen. You can play around with different shapes and colours, but make sure that the

baskets you choose, have limited height and a flat bottom side.


Another funky idea is to introduce a layout with clocks. Choosing a selection of unusual and dissimilar

clocks in size and style will establish a compelling element to the kitchen, which will elevate the

aesthetic of the room. Furthermore, they also come in handy as you will never lose track of time and run

late again!

kitchen wall clocks


If you are looking for an alternative solution to the art cluster for your kitchen, installing a huge map is

an appealing option. If you love to travel this is perfect for you since you could put a pin on all the places

you visited. It is a wonderful idea to express your personality, inform others of the places you have

traveled, and initiate conversation.

Shelves with plants

If you are a nature lover, you could create a mini wall design with selves and indoor plants. The health

benefits of having plants in your spaces are numerous, and they also formulate a calming and pleasant

atmosphere. You could also have herbs and plants you could utilize in your cooking process like basil,

mint, rosemary; the options are endless.


This is by far the most stylish and clever idea for kitchen wall décor. By creating a layout with mirrors,

the wall becomes more interesting, and it also makes the room seem bigger. The possibilities stretch

beyond imagination as you could have a mixture of different colours and patterns or present a more

structural and monochromatic design.


Another funky idea for a kitchen wall is the inclusion of a large chalkboard. This primarily gives us

nostalgic vibes, taking us back to school years, but equally important is that it builds a feeling of

belonging and togetherness within the family. You can leave sweet notes for your family to see, write

your to-do or grocery shopping list, or even have recipes for cooking.

There you have it! These are our 5 funky ideas for a kitchen wall décor! Hope you like them!

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