Artist of the Month - Tara Beiser

Artist of the Month - Tara Beiser

22nd Mar 2021

Meet Tara Beiser - our Artist of the Month

Welcome to our brand new series, featuring our favourite artists each and every month. This month is Texan artist Tara Beiser. Tara's bright, bold and exciting colours caught our eye on the Insta feed. We love how she is pursuing her passion through exhibitions and galleries, oh, and she has a really inspiring story too! Read on to find out more.

What Inspires you Tara?

The strength and drive of those around me are what inspires my work. I am always in awe of the determination and perseverance of others. I’ve seen great examples of this in my life and I try to capture this in my abstract paintings. By showcasing this in my work it continues to motivate me.

As I have a corporate career, I always painted when I could. Then I was diagnosed with early onset macular degeneration, which meant essentially that my eye strength at 40 was that of a 80-year-old and I was likely to have issues at an earlier age than anticipated. This drove my need to bring as much vibrant color and motivating, positive images to life as I could, while it was still possible. I wanted to motivate others and ensure I was leaving something behind past the timeframe I may still be able to appreciate it.

What is fun and interesting about your work?

is every every piece has a story. I will think about a certain situation or an individual that inspires that strength and this inspires my work and I try to tell that story. The painting might not be created for that individual but life is all about stories in the painting is how I feel I can best tell them.

Where to find Tara?

Instagram @artworthystudio

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