Mens Bedroom Wall Art

Mens Bedroom Wall Art

2nd Jun 2021

Cool wall art for men

The dominant thinking is that men don’t pay much attention when it comes to the interior. Well we don't think that's entirely true! Nevertheless, the average bloke tends to avoid dealing with cosmetic interior. We know that there's loads of you out there looking for some cool manly wall art for your home!

It’s your one opportunity to go wild, guilt-free from any social stigma, and explore what you like, what you don’t like, and what expresses your personal style and character.We are sure that by the end you will feel elated from the process and will actually feel proud of yourself. Nothing beats the pleasure of creating something on your own, especially when choosing your home’s decoration.

So if you were wondering what kind of art a man should like, worry no more, because we’ve got you covered! First off eradicate any pre-existing assumptions of what a man is supposed to like. That will not only limit you but you will also succumb to typical décor that does not convey your temperament.If you were wondering what is cool and unconventional for wall art for men, below you will find our list that will help you decide on your art prints.


Although there is the tendency for the interior that is addressed to the male gender to be monochromatic and there is an avoidance of vivid colour, we are here to reject that certain myth and inform you that you can choose whatever you enjoy. Moreover, implementing colour in the art on your walls will not only lift your mood but will also add an interesting touch to the room.Therefore, you don’t have to choose only black and white art! Choose art that will provide a different element that will compliment your space and that you genuinely enjoy looking at. For instance, check out this print that will look astounding in almost any type of decoration.

cool wall art for men


If you are a believer that girls like pink and boys like blue, is time to shift that perception. To support our input we would like to inform you that up to the 19th century, pink was associated with boys since it was believed to be a powerful and masculine colour. Somewhere along the line, things changed and among pink, colours that share a similar sense like red, orange, and even yellow were perceived as feminine colours. Moreover softer colour tones like baby blue, lilac are again not regarded as masculine. However, moving away from social norms you will find that the benefits of these types of colours are numerous, and you should decline any association of colour with gender. For example, this abstract print is a beautiful example that sums up our point of view.

wall art for guys


Once more, the common notion is for men to decide on minimalist art when it comes to the subject matter. Minimalistic themes are considered to blend in a discreet manner with the overall décor. If minimalistic art is your kind of preference that is perfectly satisfactory, but if you would like something distinctive to spice up your décor you shouldn’t be afraid to try it. An energetic composition or theme will create an eye-catching feeling and leave a long-lasting impression on your guests. On top of that, it will be an excellent conversation starter and a great way to break the ice. Furthermore, it will articulate that you have an eclectic and sophisticated sense of taste.For example, this colourful and perplexed print is an outstanding example of what we are referring to.

bedroom wall art for men


If you thought your options are limited, you couldn’t be more wrong. Just because you are a man, that doesn’t mean that your art should only display cars or cityscapes. It is time for you to examine what you like to look at, what brings you joy and happiness, and also what makes you feel serene and balanced. If you find that in cars and cityscapes, that’s fairly acceptable, but we have a feeling that you don’t. Instead, you can choose calming landscapes, scenes from nature, and even flowers. Studies have shown that images of nature help our brain achieve a tranquil state. And who wouldn’t want to have the healing powers of nature in his home at all times? An illustration of that is this marvelous composition of flowers.

308 New Blossom


Last but not least, we have the most exceptional suggestion. In this case, less is definitely not more! If you want to elevate the décor in your home and provide an unconventional twist, the best way to do it is by creating your own art cluster. What you want to do first is to carefully choose the wall you want to create the wall cluster; commonly this varies mostly between the corridor wall and the wall above the sofa. Afterward, you need to channel your creative side and formulate combinations of prints that you are fond of. It is best to create a mini version of the art prints just to figure out if they complement each other, but also design the composition for the installation as well. It is a very fun process, especially if you indulge in your need to experiment. Have Fun!

So there you have it. Our journey in cool and unconventional art for men has come to an end. We sincerely hope we caused a transformation in your perception, and inspired and motivated you into trying something new!

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