Emerald Green Art

Emerald Green Art

30th Jun 2021

Emerald green art, when and where to use it

If you are wondering how to add chicness to your house, we have three words for you: Emerald green art.

And nothing speaks elegance, like the colour emerald used in art. From Claude Monet and his elaborative water lilies to Henri Matisse’s decorative details, emerald green has been an all-time favourite for artists since forever. It emanates a sense of power but at the same time, it provides a sense of tranquility.

So when to use it?

Decorating the walls of your spaces with art will make the room feel a lot cosier, especially when the colour palette of the art revolves around the emerald green. There are almost no limitations when it comes to this particular hue since it suits perfectly almost every interior style. Whether you have a classical, rustic, bohemian, modern, or contemporary home décor this colour will upgrade your game by adding a hint of sophistication.

Even if the colours used in the room are narrowed down in monochromatic tones, emerald green is an excellent addition. Imagine an all-white space with a massive green emerald art print deriving from the walls; It is definitely a show-stopper.

Where to use it?


Using the right kind of art in the bedroom is essential since it can make or break your whole mood. Green is known to be calming, motivating, and optimistic. Furthermore, our brains tend to link green with nature which makes us feel more grounded. For this reason, placing art opposite the bed is ideal since it will be the first thing you will see in the morning and will provide an energy boost.


Most people believe that depicting art in a bathroom is quite tricky and limiting. People usually prefer to display something discrete with neutral tones, which will not intervene with the decoration. But adding emerald green art to the bathroom is excellent since we have already analysed its positive benefits. Moreover, it will add a pop of colour that will result in presenting a more alluring visual result.


The kitchen is one of the most frequently used spaces in a house, but many people neglect to install art. We are here to reject that narrative! Placing art in the kitchen moves away from the casualness of the décor and offers a stylish addition. Especially if you are displaying emerald green art, it helps to create a sense of luxurious flow within the space.

Living room

The green colour looks amazing in the living room. Since the living room is usually the room in which you welcome guests you have to create an inviting atmosphere. A combination of indoor plans and unique pieces of emerald green art can make the room feel instantly more pleasant and welcoming. And the bonus is that emerald green looks astonishing with almost any colour. So if you were having trouble with choosing the right colour for your art, we hope that emerald green is top on your list by now.

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