Inspirational outdoor wall decor ideas

Inspirational outdoor wall decor ideas

19th Jul 2021

What are some outdoor wall decor ideas?

Whether you want to embellish your balcony or enhance the décor in your garden, we have gathered for you some intriguing wall décor ideas to get your hands on. Outdoor walls are a great way to express your creativity and display a more personal touch of your taste. All you need to do is let your imagination run wild!


Wicker baskets are an unexpected way to bring the summer vibes into your outdoor space, even during winter. You can choose from a variety of colours, patterns, and weaves and form a beautiful composition according to your style and aesthetic. For a more coherent outcome try incorporating baskets with natural and earthy tones but demonstrate different sizes. For a more austere and sophisticated look, you can use baskets that share the exact same colour and size.


Wall sculptures are the most classy and elegant solution to decorate outdoor walls. You have plenty of options to decide from with a wide range of materials like metal, clay, marble, wood, or bronze. All these materials are fitting for the outdoors since they can withstand the test of time. Moreover, this idea shows your appreciation for art and craftsmanship. There are plenty of options that can satisfy even the most demanding, from abstract sculptures to figurative ones.

Vertical green garden

Another exciting idea is to have a vertical green garden emerging from the wall. This would not only make the wall feel more energetic and beautiful, but it will also help generate a positive vibe that will lift your mood. If you want to create something more structural, you can use a frame and carefully choose the plants you are going to install to curate a plant painting.


Similar to the idea of the baskets, hats are an innovative approach to decorate an outdoor wall. Wicker hats that come in all shapes and sizes can spice up the plainness of an outdoor wall and reveal your love for adventure and nostalgia. If you are an old soul that loves to travel, this idea is perfect for you. You can even paint the wall a colour of your liking and have the hats exhibited as a contrast to the wall.


Porcelain plates are an alternative décor solution that will give a certain sense of liveliness to the outdoor décor. If your décor is boho-chic this is perfect for you. The colourfulness of the plates and the complexity of the patterns will instantly make the wall more interesting to look at. Adding colour to the décor has a lot of beneficial attributes not only aesthetically but also mentally.


Another appealing decorative idea for an outdoor wall décor is installing lanterns throughout the surface of the wall. Lanterns come in all shapes, styles, and sizes, and formulating a mix and match composition is the ultimate décor idea for a wall. It will make the atmosphere feel a lot cosier, especially during the night when you light up the lanterns.

So there you have it! We hope we inspired you and gave you the motivation you needed to unlock your imagination and create something unique for your outdoor walls.

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