Inspiring Nursery Wall Art for Boys

Inspiring Nursery Wall Art for Boys

24th May 2021

Nursery wall art for boys

Not your typical boy nursery room

If you are a new parent, you have a long list of things to be done that await. We are here to make your

life a lot easier since we have composed a list with nursery wall art ideas for a boy’s room. Nowadays,

gender stereotypes are no longer appreciated, resulting in opening up the list of options when

decorating a nursery room.

Nursery wall art for boys

Boys like colour

This print is so exciting and inspiring to look at. The air balloons cherish the romantic sense within the

room and offer a variety of colours that you can use as a base for the room’s decoration palette. In

addition, the concepts of adventure and wanderlust are cultivated through this picture to your young

one from an early age resulting in your child becoming a natural explorer. Overall this is a print that

manifests happiness!

Boys like caring

The outdated notion that boys don’t cry or do not have an attentive and nurturing temperament is

problematic. You want to give your child the freedom to express himself and be in contact with his

vulnerable side. This can be done by learning to care for others and especially animals, and a print that

displays cute animals could set the example for embracing his sensitive side. Even if you do not have any

pets, this would do the trick!

Boys like creativity

This is a perfect example to ignite your child’s imagination and creativity. The abstract subject matter

graces the child the liberty to use his imagination and create magical worlds that come to life. Your child

can see all sorts of things tangible or not within this imagery. Using this colourful print as an incentive

teaches the child that anything is possible if we reject setting boundaries and limitations to ourselves!

Boys like family

This is such sweet and loving imagery that subconsciously generates the narrative that family is a safe

space where love and connection flourish. It transmits the value of spending quality time together,

having fun and interesting activities that fashion a strong bond. This is a value that you want your child

to have when he reaches adulthood. Furthermore, it teaches your child the most important thing which

is loving others.

Boys like being inquisitive

Although this print is titled “Cynical Vision”, there isn’t anything cynical about it. Through the colourful

palette and simplicity of forms, it shapes an environment where questions can arise and inspiration can

be induced from. Cultivating the concept of curiosity is a very crucial trait to have and bring into

adulthood. You can’t always be there for your children, but you can make sure that they have the

proper fundamentals. And as Mikhail Baryshnikov articulated “Fundamentals are the building blocks of


Therefore, don’t limit yourself or your child when it comes to stereotypes. And since character forms

from the crib, allow them to be and express their genuine self!

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