Your Guide To Cheap Art For Walls in the UK

Your Guide To Cheap Art For Walls in the UK

25th May 2021

The TOP Cheap Art for Walls Websites In The UK

Let's be honest, there's an enormous amount of OUTSTANDING art marketplaces online, which might make you beg the question - "Where on earth do I choose to buy my wall art from?" Well we're going to do our best to break it down for you.

Our in depth review is going to consider some big websites including Juniqe, Poster Stores, Wall Art Direct, Next and of course, Art For Walls. We'll look at 4 big factors that may influence your buying decision...

1. Price.

2. Quality

3. Variety

4. Style

Importantly, we're focusing on everything 'art for walls uk', the UK being the keyword, from marketplaces that provide affordable and speedy delivery. Ok, no time to waste! Lets get to it...

Cheap art for walls uk

1. Price

We all have different budgets and ideas depending on our circumstances, taste and what we're prepared to spend on our art. Today we're looking solely at cheap art for walls. At one end of the spectrum you may be looking to spruce up your walls with some cheap, cheerful and attractive 'wall decor' like poster art the other end of the spectrum is buying an original art piece from a renowned artist that will do all the above but also grown in value and add a serious WOW factor to your wall. With this in mind we've broken price down into 3 categories. Take a look below.

Best Cheap UK Art for Sale

Juniqe. This trendy website offers a huge range of seriously cheap poster style art, perfect if you want to build a gallery wall or casually stick an outlandish bold print straight onto your paint / wall paper!

We love what they've done with this girl with pearl earrings, taking a photo reminiscent to the streets of Shoreditch and adding a subtle Mona Lisa style painting on her face. Prices for the 20x30cm print start from £11.01 at the time of writing, but don't forget to add £4.95 shipping. It can pay to buy a few prints at a time and qualify for the free shipping threshold!

Poster Store. Right up there with Junique is Poster Store, a smart and slick platform bringing popular pastel colours and simple lines to the forefront of their online shop. This winter morning A4 poster is a frighteningly cheap £6.27! Fill your basket and you'll get free delivery when you spend over £39.

Art For Walls Yep, we've got a great selection of affordable art, that's original and designed by talented independent artists, which means you can enjoy original unique art in your home. Art For Walls is big on colour wall prints and has a good quality framed print option from A4 going all the way up to A1 Size. We'll go onto quality in the next section. As the name suggests, you can search by room but also subject and colour. The artwork is excellent value starting from just £12 for an A4 print and free delivery is included when you spend over £35.

Best Expensive Art

Ok. We couldn't help ourselves in mentioning this art marketplace. And hey, maybe you're buying your partner something special for their birthday or the upcoming anniversary, what could be more special than a beautiful piece of original art.

There's no point beating round the bush. Art can be VERY expensive, with the worlds most expensive painting (Leonardo da Vinci, Salvator Mundi) selling for a mouth watering $450 million back in 2016.

Our firm favourite online shop that falls within this category is Rise Art. Unlike the platforms we've already mentioned, Rise Art is a market place where artists can sell their own high quality art at whatever price they ask for, with Rise Art acting as a broker and taking a commission. You can use their category pages to find an artist through nationality, region or style. Our favourite piece was this Botanical print, part of a limited edition of 70 and available to buy for £350.

2. Quality

Next up on our list is quality.

So we get that you want value when you buy art and whether you've spent less than a tenner or you've splashed out a six/seven figure sum purchasing a good quality print needs to be a given. Let's take a look at the winners and losers below...


Art For Walls. The quality of the prints are excellent, printed on premium fine art print (200gms) - a museum-quality fine art print paper with a textured, matt finish. You can feel the superior quality when unravelling the package and running the paper through your hands. The framed wall art is handmade by specialist picture framers, created from high-quality wood, milled with simple clean lines and presented with a satin finish. Beautiful.


Juniqe. Sometimes you get what you pay for. Now that's not to say that Junique's quality is terrible, it's just not as good as some of the other online art stores that we've seen so far. Junique print their posters on a 240 g/m² pure white paper with a semi-gloss finish. The weight is good but there's no information about the paper being museum grade fine art paper or that it's age resistance which means over time it can lose its colour.

3. Variety

In this section we're looking at variety which takes into account print sizes offered, framing options and materials.


Juniqe offer a great choice of options particular when it comes to the frame. The standard frame comes in 5 colours, black, white, copper, gold and silver with the wooden version coming in 4 colours, minus the silver. One feature we found really cool was the option to buy the poster hanger, perfect for a nursery wall or kids bedroom wall. They also have an option of a canvas art print, though this is only across certain designs.

4. Style

This is what it's all about isn't it!? Choosing an art style for your room that you love is what's most important so this is section is very personal to each individual. Anyhow, we've given our thoughts below.


Art For Walls.

Next. Very much part of the 'wall decor' market, we've squeezed Next into this review for how it ranks in organic search. It's not breaking boundaries when it comes to original art, lacking inspiration with styles more reminiscent of the 1990's than the twenty first century. For this reason we're sorry to say Next isn't quite on the wall art mark!


Wallart-Direct. When it comes to quality it's not just about the feel and standard of the print and frame, it's also to do with the quality of the artwork. In our eyes, much Wallart Direct's misses the mark on genuine quality artwork and favours a more generic computerised finish. That being said, they have a substantial collection of art categories ranging from wall mural, photo, banksy and typography.

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